Cambium ePMP 1000 configure 30 km wireless link

To build 30 km point-to-point wireless connection on speed 100 Mbit/s we used two Cambium ePMP 1000 and two 27 dBi parabolic MIMO antennas.

To create point-to-point wireless link we need to configure first antenna as Access Point and the second antenna as Station. First of all make sure there are no interference in front of the antennas:

Let’s configure access point, to log in to the configuration panel open in your web browser address: (Access Point) or (Station). By default enter login: admin and password: admin

We will configure our link based on this schema:

On Access Point select SSID, your country code, work frequency, channel width (20 or 40 mHz) and security password:

Also to achieve the best result select TDD wireless protocol.

On the other side on Station antenna select the same parameters, but in Radio Mode select Subscriber Module.

Don’t forget to change default administrator passwords on both antennas and change your own static or dynamic IP addresses.

On page Monitor->Wireless make sure that your Station connected to Access Point: