Proxmox – cluster not ready – no quorum [SOLVED]

This error occurs when we remove a node from the cluster.

If the cluster has 2 nodes and the two nodes are mentioned to access the quorum.

After removing a node from the cluster only a single node is active. Thus the quorum permission becomes a read-only state.

To resolve the error we change the node from 2 to 1 in the default configuration.

The sample error looks like:

Cluster not ready – no quorum? (500)

First we login to the Proxmox server.

Then we check the state of the cluster using the command

pvecm status

From the result, we find that the Quorum activity is blocked.

Thus we execute the below command to change the votes from 2 to 1.

pvecm expected 1

After executing the command we will be able to delete the VM.

If the VM gets locked during the process, we unlock the VM using the command

qm unlock

Now if you want, you can delete cluster width this commands:

systemctl stop pve-cluster corosync
pmxcfs -l
rm /etc/corosync/*
rm /etc/pve/corosync.conf
killall pmxcfs
systemctl start pve-cluster

Or you can remove only one node from cluster with this documentation: