Motherboard Acorp 6VIA/ZX85

The 6BX85/6ZX85/6VIA85/6VIA85P is designed for the PC user’s who want many new key features processed by the fastest CPU in a economic package.

This motherboard:
New general CPU support :

– Intel Celeron (300AMHz500MHz) processor.
– Intel Coppermine (500MHz733MHz) processor.
– Socket: PGA370.
– CPU clock select support for 66/100MHz and up to 133MHz (6VIA 85P) CPU bus speed configuration.

Main features
Manufacturer ACORP
Mat chipset. Intel 440ZX
Socket 370 processor ppga socket
At board format, 22×22 cm

CPU support
Supports Intel Celeron Mendocino series processor types
Compatible processors
Bus frequency 66, 75, 83, 100 MHz
Multiplication is defined by the processor

Memory Support
Number of Simm/DIMM 0/2 slots
Max RAM 512 MB

Disk System
Support UDMA / 33 Yes
Slots for installing expansion cards
ISA / PCI / AGP 2/3/1 slots

Other features