How to view information about ONU on BDCOM OLT

I’ll give you an example of viewing information about ONT (ONU) on EPON OLT BDCOM P3310C, on other models is essentially the same.

Connect to OLT and go into configuration mode:


To view the ONU list, use the commands:

show epon onu-information
show epon active-onu
show epon inactive-onu

To view all ONU MAC addresses on interface use command:

show epon onu-information interface EPON 0/1

Example of viewing clients routers MAC addresses on a port or ONU:

show mac address-table interface EPON0/1
show mac address-table interface EPON0/1:5
show mac address-table brief

Viewing the optical power of all ONUs on interface and a specific ONU:

show epon optical-transceiver-diagnosis interface EPON 0/1
show epon interface ePON 0/1:4 onu ctc optical-transceiver-diagnosis

View ONU models and firmware versions:

show epon onu-software-version
show epon onu-software-version interface EPON 0/1

View description and status of interfaces:

show interface brief

ONU ethernet port status and viewing statistics:

show epon interface epON 0/1:1 onu port 1 state
show epon interface epON 0/1:1 onu port 1 statistics
show epon interface epON 0/1:1 onu mac address-table

Also you can see in the saved and active OLT configuration which ONUs are registered:

show configuration
show running-config

ONU reboot example:

epon reboot onu interface ePON 0/1:1